First Jacob’s operation

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21 listopada 2009

A few days ago Jacob had his first operation in Germany. It was an emotional experience for us. We were very worried when they were taking him into the operating theatre. I was thinking: he is still so little, how will he take a general anaesthetic?
During the operation, Jacob got his first expanders, which from now on will be stimulating orbital growth. Thanks to a few operations like this one Jacob will be able to receive his ocular prostheses.
When after the operation we were called into the recovery room, I found myself looking at the huge IV catheter inserted into his tiny hand. I was wondering why it is so in this world that children are born sick and that they have to experience pain later in life. At the same time, I was happy that the first operation was already over.
The doctor said that the most important thing was that the process of Jacob’s treatment had begun. If there are no complications, the next operation will take place in 6 months’ time.
We want to thank you all for every bit of help, for every word of support, for prayer, and for financial assistance. Good people are like silent angels for us who lift our spirits when we feel down, give us faith and hope that everything will be fine.
When Jacob was born and we learnt about his condition, it was a very difficult time for us. I did not want people to know that our child did not have eyes and was sightless. Now I look at it from a different perspective. Thanks to people like you, our little boy is getting the best help and we, the parents, feel that we do everything that is possible for him.

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