Strona główna     Anophthalmos

Anophthalmos is an extremely rare condition occurring in 1 to 10 per 100000 child births.

A congenital absence of one or two eyeballs results in severe malformations of facial skeleton. Since it affects children, it has an impact on the child’s psychological development. First and foremost, an appropriate treatment in congenital anophthalmos involves filling up the empty orbit. An implant offers the possibility of creating orbital pressure, stimulating the development of facial skeleton within the orbit and soft tissue, allowing the formation of eyelid creases required for the application of a thin epiprosthesis.

The latest self-expanding implants grow progressively by absorbing water, causing soft tissues to grow, and stimulate the development of orbital bone structures by creating the proper orbital pressure. For children, orbital reconstruction is limited to secondary prosthetic implantation, seating a bio-ceramic filling and tacking straight muscles for obtaining a movable ocular prosthesis.